Tribal Siege
Xbox One

Trample Everything.

Tribal Siege is hybrid RTS/ACT game in MOBA-like rules.
You can control minions and huge unit "Trampler".
This game starts with "Tribal Base" each tribes. The winning team is defined as the team that destroys enemy "Tribal Base" first.

Expand your territory, Build buildings, Gather resources, Create Minions and Trample all enemies.
Key Features

+Wide variety of tribes.

All units of this game are full original.
They have strong personalities.
Tactics will be completely different for each tribes.

+Huge unit "Trampler"

This game is primarily a RTS game, but you can control "Trampler" with the keyboard and mouse in ACT mode. You can switch these modes. But the resource piety continues to decrease during ACT mode. Trampler can use strong activities costing extra piety. Trampler can move only ACT mode. They are petrifying in RTS mode. Trampler will revive after a while if they are killed. The player who killed enemy trampler will get extra bonus.

+Simplification of gathering resources

Gathering system is very simple. Just build buildings. There are two resources, "Food" and "Piety" only. Creating minions almost costs Food. Moving Trampler and using abilities cost Piety.


So, are trampler invincible? The answer is No.
You can create "Disintegrator" at factory. They can long ranged attack. They are very effective for enemy trampler and buildings.

"Trampler" beat "Minions"
"Minions" beat "Disintegrators"
"Disintegrators" beat "Trampler"

+Multiplayer using cloud server
You can have fight with players all over the world.