Turbo Tower Pong (Prototype) | Xbox One

Turbo Tower Pong (Prototype)
Xbox One

As part of a university module, I was tasked with taking two key game mechanics and fusing them into a single prototype. 

The project started 3 months ago and at that time I was a complete novice at UE4. I still am, but with a ton of work and help from the right peopleI managed to complete this work in the alloted time.

This game exists as a form of standard pong, with the towers, income, and increasing difficulty mechanics of a tower defence game. This is a primarily two-player experience, however there is a rudimentary (and often unfair) vs AI mode included.

Due to my relative amateurism at making games, I did not have time to implement all of the features I had planned, however feedback is welcomed on the game as it stands.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for playing. Enjoy!