Turtle Swim: Insane Flapping

Turtle Swim is a casual game where you must help a cute turtle advance as far as possible without getting tangled in the seaweed. In “Turtle Swim” the idea is very simple, you embark on an aquatic journey as you help a clumsy turtle swim far away while avoiding the deadly obstacles in its way.
Just tap the screen to swim up and that’s basically it. If you’re skilled enough you’ll be able to snatch some food and power up for a short while.

Here are some of the most important features in Turtle Swim:

◆ Easy Controls, Insane Gameplay. The controls are dead easy in Turtle Swim, just tap to move the turtle up and release to have it sink. But the gameplay is insane, as the slightest touch of a seaweed ends the game and you must start over.

◆ Simple Graphics. The graphics are very simple and allow you to focus on the actual gameplay. The action takes place close to the seabed with the associated environment elements such as deadly seaweeds and your retro-designed turtle.

◆ Records & Medals. The goal in Turtle Swim is to reach as far as possible. Game is endless in theory but you die fast in practice. If you are able to beat your own record you can win yourself a medal for improving yourself.

◆ Invincibility Mode. Once in a while you encounter turtle food and if you are able to gulp that your turtle will quadruple in size and will become invincible for a short time plowing through the seaweeds without being killed.

Turtle Swim is one of those very simple yet insanely addictive games that you play in your kill-time to have some fun.