Tying Up Loose Ends | Xbox 360

Tying Up Loose Ends
Xbox 360

Ruth, a young author struck by writer's block, receives a peculiar request for help by a stranger and might get a lot more than she bargained for in return...

Made for the Bitsy Community Secret Santa 2019, for itch.io user dumplingsquid, to whom we wish very happy holidays! The prompts given for this game were scrawls, river and underground.  We hope we were up to the task!

We're just in the nick of time because of a computer malfunction which caused the loss of more than half of the data- but this too is a rite of passage for budding gamedevs!

And now for some credits:

  • Bitsy Game Maker was made by Adam Le Doux 
  • Borsky Game Hacker is by Andrew Yolland 
  • The hack Transparent Sprites is by Sean S. LeBlanc
  • Bitsy Saviour is a tool created by itch.io user aloelazoe
  • Cover art is by Sonia

Happy holidays to the entire Bitsy community from Bea and Sonia!