UCI FighterZ(ot) | Xbox 360

UCI FighterZ(ot)
Xbox 360

Welcome to UCI Fighter Z!!! Come by and throw down with your favorite ICS professors! 

The combantants we have here today are none other than Alex Thornton, Richard Pattis, and Ray Klefstad!


Note: this game is unfinished, this itch page was to present to the VGDC club and to allow people to playtest it.


Triangle: High attack

Square: Medium Attack

X: Low Attack

Circle: Special Attack (unique to each character)

L1/R1: Parry


Jaren Gerdes - Programmer

Nichole Wong - Programmer, UI Artist

Jesse Allas - Programmer, Designer, Producer

Felix Khon - Designer

Salil Lakhani- Designer

Henry Nguyen- Character Artist, Animator

Jelani - Character Artist, Animator

Annie Hirata - Stage Artist

Ethan Flaker - Music

And special thanks to the professors that let us use their likeness in the game!

Alex Thornton

Richard Pattis

Ray Klefstad