[UE4] Asymmetric multiplayer project | Xbox One

[UE4] Asymmetric multiplayer project
Xbox One

A scary asymmetric multiplayer game

The idea with this game was kinda similar to DBD but with other mechanics and objectives.
The project has working objectives and teams.

This is not a complete game but an Unreal Engine project to be downloaded and used for learning, inspiration or other reasons

This is a messy but working project made in Unreal Engine.
It is a game dev project that got ended and therefore I am uploading it here
instead of just having it collect dust. It is not ready to publish but it can be a nice project to look at to learn or get ideas on how to make stuff in Unreal Engine.
I will try to update the project and clean up and optimize it but I don't have much time to do it right now, but hopefully in the future.
The online session hosting and joining works with steam.

Thank you for downloading it, it is completely free to download and use, but it is not a project you can publish because of copyrights of certain assets.

Feel free to post any feedback here. I would love to hear them. Again, the project will get better and easier to use for people when I get time