Underwater Defense Squad: This Sucks!
Xbox One

Underwater Defense Squad: This Sucks! is a third-person shooter-survival game where players fend off waves of trash monsters invading their hometown with their trusty vacuum cleaner to protect their underwater home from pollution!


  • WASD/Left Analog Stick - Movement
  • Mouse/Right Analog Stick - Look
  • LMB/R2 - Primary Fire (Shoot)
  • RMB/L2 - Secondary Fire (Blow)
  • Shift/R1 - Boost
  • Space/A - Ascend
  • Left Ctrl/B - Descend
  • Q/Gamepad Left - Previous nozzle
  • E/Gamepad Right - Next nozzle

Two versions of the game are available: 

KB + Controller - The keyboard/mouse is assigned to Player 1, and the controller is assigned to Player 2. Recommended if you only have one controller.

Dual Controller - Both keyboard/mouse and first controller is assigned to Player 1, and the second controller is assigned to Player 2.  Recommended if you have two controllers.

For an easy way to get controller support, use Steam and add this game's .exe file as a Non-Steam Game and press Play through the Steam client.


  • Anthony Halim (Programmer) (Github: SusterDrifter) (LinkedIn)
  • Dominic Chong (Programmer/Producer) (Github: bannified) (LinkedIn)
  • Daryl Ignatius Tan Boon Yang (Programmer/Level Design) (Github: ditan96) (LinkedIn)
  • Koh Yee Ru (3D artist, UI) (Github: iNekox3) (LinkedIn)
  • Sophia Simangan (3D artist, Programmer) (Github: gingivitiss) (LinkedIn)
  • Tan Jiaqing (Programmer, AI) (Github: JiaqingTan) (LinkedIn)

Done for CS3247 Game Development module in NUS School of Computing