Unititled Platformer | Xbox One

Unititled Platformer
Xbox One

This is my untited platformer its still in development this is three days of progress. This Game Follows a style of mario or super meat boy. Enemies and guns are coming soon. anything i could change please tell me in the comments this is the first game ive realeased on itch.io and i want it to be the best. i have followed many other developers advice and constantly adding more feutures.

if you can post a comment that would be awsome. Thank you!

whatever you would like to be added i will certanly add. to track the proggress and vote on polls about this game plus see the progress of another game im working on join this link: https://discord.gg/cBdC4R
i ussaly post on my youtube channel here is a video of the game(very breif, recorded yesterday) https://youtu.be/LTkN3k62Sgc
Thank you have a great day