Unnamed 2D Platformer Shooter | Xbox One

Unnamed 2D Platformer Shooter
Xbox One

This is a local multiplayer shooter game I've been working on. Drop into a room with only a pistol and defeat your opponent, collecting the weapons that drop from above.

Currently it's local multiplayer for 2 players only, on the same keyboard.

Please consider donating to support the game if you enjoy it! I plan to add more things in the future.

  • Selectable Characters
  • Multiple Weapons
  • Short, fast-paced gameplay
To-do list
  • Give it a name!
  • More weapons
  • More characters?
  • Multiple levels
  • Level selector
  • Camera that follows the players and zooms in/out depending on the distance between them.
  • Controller support (if I can figure it out)
  • Learn to draw
  • Where's the fire in the FIREplace??
  • Art to make the UI less bland
  • published (still work in progress)
  • added fire in the fireplace