Untarctica (Demo) | Xbox One

Untarctica (Demo)
Xbox One

Untarctica is the fastest-paced non-linear platformer we could make. Run like crazy shooting everything you see -- surviving is a mere afterthought.

The instant-kill/instant-respawn mechanics let you muscle-memory your way through several bosses, collecting new powerups and saving imprisoned scientists along the way.
Explore a secret sci-fi lab; Unfold mysteries; Spam bullets while jumping while running while jumping!

What is it about?

Discredited by her superiors, secret agent Tara journeys to Mount Erebus, Antarctica, to stop Mother Nature -- an evil cyborg-plant obsessed with making Antarctica green again -- from melting the ice caps with an ingenuous heat factory of her own design.

What's in our very first demo?
  • 10 to 20 minutes of frantic gameplay
  • Four (quite hard to reach) collectibles
  • An awesome mini-metroidvania game to speedrun!

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