Virtual Space (elaineww)
Xbox One

For my HUMN 305 class, I developed this small experimental game to explore the rhythms of sound and movement in virtual space. 

In Lefebvre’s “Ryhthmanalysis: Space, time and everyday life,” the key characteristics of rhythm can be summarized as: time, measure, repetition and rule. In examining the rhythm of virtual spaces, I found fascinating new realms of space which aren’t possible in reality, and the shortcomings it has from technical limitations. The virtual space is dependent on the rhythms within its medium; sound and movement rhythms especially, create the passage of time and define the existence of the player and the virtual space itself.

Media content:

  • indie synth, Julien Fontil (@julesfilmhouse)
  • TV shows
  • 'everyday' sounds
  • John Cage's William's Mix

You can also play the game on but the audio doesn't provide the ideal experience.

Developed in Unity 2D