Vita (SilentReverie) | Xbox One

Vita (SilentReverie)
Xbox One


In Vita, you are a normal citizen of a busy city. One night you are cast into an unknown forest while you are in a deep slumber. Is this a dream or is it reality? Take your step into this unknown world but be careful! There’s something unsettling about this forest and you need to escape. Take this challenge and try your best to escape the forest unharmed!


Key features

  • Challenging
  • Unforgiving death and obstacles
  • Single player narrative based platformer
  • Dangerous but cute slimes
  • Cute pixel-based platformer
  • Enchanting scenic forest


Planned features

  • Engaging narrative and story mode
  • Story updates
  • Art updates
  • Additional weapons
  • Tougher levels
  • Death checkpoints
  • Working dialogue system


Release info

Available for FREE now!

Exclusively on for Windows PC only

Version 0.1 BETA released as of 30th January 30, 2020


Contact info

Email: [email protected]


Personal Bio:

Hello there! My name is Sabrina and I am currently a Media Design School student studying Game Art.  I hope to produce small games in my own time and work in a company like Riot Games in the future. I am passionate about art, black cats and anything Victorian or nature themed. I also have a love of trees and birds with owls being one of my favourite. In my spare time, you can find me walking in a park and admiring the flowers or busy sketching in my sketch book.