Xbox One

Voidrunner is a Multiplayer & Single Player Flight Shooter game set in an exotic universe called the Void. We reintroduce easy FPS controls to flight combat genre with large, open landscapes for fun and addictive flight experience.

The visual design is one of a kind for a flying game as the whole design is being created like an RPG with incredible attention to detail for the psychedelic design of the Void. Voidrunner's graphics is powered by Unreal Engine 4.


- Indie to the core! Made by 5 guerilla developers.

- 4 Game Modes for Online Multiplayer (Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Miner, Domination), 2 Game Modes for Single Player (Drone Waves, Custom Deathmatch)

- AAA quality detailed game design in a surreal universe.

- 15 beautifully designed levels.

- 12 ships like characters in a MOBA. Every ship has it's unique settings that can be played like a Fighter, Tank, Supporter or Rogue.

- 2 special abilities per ship.

- Soundtrack by Alexander Brandon & Michiel Van Den Bos, composers of original Unreal Tournament and Deus-Ex.

- Online Matchmaking.

- 6-dof Control System

- Highly detailed, high quality levels carefully designed for different game mechanics like tanks, fighters etc.

- Gamepad support

There will be more to be announced as we progress through Early Access.

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