VR Table Sports
Xbox One

Do you know how the president of USA, Robot or Banana can play table games? if you don’t this game is especially for you.

This game is for table sport lovers and not only. Here you can sharpen or discover your skills in Foosball, Air hockey and Ping pong. Practice with AI in three different environments.

Ready for real challenge? That’s why we have multiplayer mode. Play with other people from around the world. Meet them in different places with various avatars and have fun together!Key Features
  • Three Table Games
Enjoy table tennis, air hockey or play First VR Foosball on steam store.

  • Three different environment
Without getting outside play table games at The Oval Office, be under active workout rhythm in fitness room or just relax in fabulous villa.

  • Four Avatars
Be like presidents of USA, Robot or maybe Banana?! Choose with your taste.

  • Online and Offline Opponents
Play against the AI or with a real people from around the world.

  • Express Your Emotions
While playing online you can use smileys to express emotions during gameplay.

  • Adjustable View
For your comfort playing it’s simple to adjust tables’ position and rotation.