Waking Mars | macOS

Waking Mars

Best for mobile

The game is an adventure-platformer, where the player takes control over the main character, traveling through the Martian caves. You will have to manage the thrust of the jetpack that the protagonist has. The game was released on the PC in 2012. Before this, it was repeatedly recognized as the best game for mobile devices.

Key features

The game is set in the future. In 2097, humanity finds life on Mars and sends researchers to make the first contact. But something goes wrong, and one member of the expedition is imprisoned in underground caves, one on one with turbulent alien flora and fauna. The player must learn the features of the underground Martian inhabitants in order to escape unscathed to the surface and learn the secrets of the Martian past. The developers claim that the cave network is open for exploration, in which it is possible to find long-lost ruins and mysterious ciphered signals. The game also has a mechanic for growing alien organisms in order to feed them to others and thus move along the underground labyrinths. The game has almost no aggression: for example, the main character can not shoot and to solve puzzles, you need to use the physical engine model. The game supports both classic inputs for a mouse and keyboard or a gamepad.