War of the Zombie | Xbox One

War of the Zombie
Xbox One

Welcome to War of the Zombie, the zombie outbreak strategy simulation that has the whole world pleading for help!

As Global Operations Director of Safe Industries, take charge of its double-hulled Ark Carrier and recruit marines & other personnel, purchase real-life military equipment, research advanced technologies, move across the world within range of real-time missions, nuke, scavenge, infect, bribe, insult, fortify and defend against the global governments in an attempt to save humanity from the zombie pandemic and resulting chaos.

- Survive, die or turn undead in zombie-infested, fully destructible mission zones
- Select, equip and drop a team of 4 marines into real-time combat against zombies & rebels
- Drive different types of armoured vehicles and call in multiple air support to aid your safe team
- Complete missions over numerous map locations, mission types, and climate styles
- Explore and scavenge in procedurally generated underground bases
- Zoom in/out of mission zones as well as your global tactical map
- Decide how your marines develop as they increase rank & experience
- Recruit, train and transfer marines to and from your Ark and FOBs
- Rescue, train and assign advisors, researchers, diplomats and doctors
- Research & Develop advanced technologies to aid in your missions success
- Bribe, infect, scavenge, nuke and fend off 200 countries around the globe
- Build up arsenals of real military weapons on your double-hulled command carrier
- Build specialised labs to complete R&D and fabricate technology surplus to sell
- Construct and supply up to 4 forward operating bases in friendly countries
- Switch between multiple careers while you try out different strategies
- Change in-game text at any time from English to auto-translated Russian, German, French, Spanish or Portuguese-Brazilian