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Warspear Online

Opposition between two mighty Alliances is growing! You will have to choose your side in this war, level up your character and Guild, solve the mysteries of a huge open world, fight enemies, learn skills and work on you combat tactics, participate in tournaments, get or craft unique gear and explore dungeons.

Massive PvP battles
Warspear Online welcomes all fans of ruthless and almost unlimited PvP. The game offers plenty of places and possibilities to prove your fighting skills, but the most intense battles take place on Irselnort. Capturing enemy camps, defending your own ones and harsh clashes between hundreds of players - what can be better? Only massive battles between Guilds for the right to have your own Castle.Unique system of crafting and improving items
Apart from boss killing, Dungeon examining and trading, there is one more way of getting weapons and gear in the game. You can create various items all by yourself, as well as improve them with the help of runes, crystals and empower spheres, thus increasing different characteristics. The best items are those done with your own hands.Entertaining storyline and rich history
Pixelart faces cannot entirely express all feelings about what happens in Arinar, but the world is still on the edge of destruction and it needs saving. You can become the part of this world and witness the events that change its fate.
History of the world
Arinar is the world of magic created quite a long time ago. At that time, there was the Spear rising over the whole world symbolizing the mixture of balance and order. The war that began many centuries after this put Arinar on the edge of destruction. Elves and people sweared to protect the balance, but failed to do this in combat with barbarians and undead. The Spear was destroyed, which ended with an apocalypse forcing both sides to ground arms. But the time has passed, and four peoples are ready again to start the war for the right to create a new War Spear and determine the fate of Arinar.
2 Alliances and 4 races: Firstborn and Chosen against Mountain Clans and Forsaken
16 classes with unique skills
zones for open PvP, battles between Alliances, castles capturing, Arena, friendly fights
Guilds, tournaments, holidays, trading with other players
1500+ storyline and hundreds of everyday quests
Thousands of monsters and bosses for PvE
8 craft professions
Customization: outfits, decorative skins, hairstyles
100+ expert skills for creating your own builds
Personal achievements with unique rewards, Top 1000 rating