Waste Your Life | Xbox One

Waste Your Life
Xbox One

I made a game to help me learn to make games a while ago. I recently revisited it to optimise some of the awful stuff I coded and thought some of you might get a lol from playing it.

The game is about controlling your thoughts to stay focused on making a game. It takes place within your brain. (or my brain...I can't remember which) 

Features of the game include;-

Action packed high octane combat
Tiny odds of success (realism)
An arsenal of weapons (4)
Multiple bosses
Hoards of distractions to blast as they chase and ridicule you
Sluggish controls!
Bullets that are my voice saying "Focus" but sped up
You can also get Cancer! Dementia! Even Brain Damage!

Feel free to give it a go if you're feeling brave! Apologies for my "Art".