Welcome To The Bing Bing Woods | Xbox One

Welcome To The Bing Bing Woods
Xbox One

~ Please use headphones!

Welcome To The "Bing Bing Woods"!

You are going to enter a mysterious forest, inhabited by little cratures called "Bing Bings". Explore the world and most importantly, find you dog "Haku" in the forest!

A project by Vivi Friedländer


This game was created at the Game Design // UE Department of University of Applied Sciences Europe. The project was supervised by: Prof. Sebastian Stamm  & Mfa Marie Havemann (2019/20)

~ There were no Bing Bings harmed during the production of this game… However, apples were… In memory of all the apples that I forgot to put a mesh collider on… May you fall peacefully through empty space, forever…


Made with:
  • Unity3D
  • Maya3D
  • "Adventure Creator"
  • "Music Maker" (Magix)
  • "Audacity"
  •   Friendship and Love <3
  • Katarina Mitrovic (Lead 3D-Artist)
  • Roman Skowronek (Programming support)
  • Sebastian Stamm & Marie Havemann
  • The dude who made “Adventure Creator”: You are awesome!
  • And of course, YOU!