What's Cooking on Earth? | Xbox 360

What's Cooking on Earth?
Xbox 360

Congratulations! You've defeated Earth's Defenses

You and your fellow space lizard warriors have defeated the humans and taken Earth.

The general has put you in charge of the celebration feast. You've never cooked earthling dishes before but there are hungry mouths to feed so get to it!


Move - Arrow Keys or WASD

Pickup/Drop - Space bar

Sprint - Left Shift

Tips Favorite Flavors

Each lizard has a favorite flavor based on its color:

MEATY Cookware

There's a mixing bowl, pot, skillet, and deep fryer in the kitchen. You can combine ingredients to make new foods, and each emphasizes a flavor of the foods cooked inside.

Credits Font

monogram by datagoblin


UI Buttons by Kicked-in-Teeth

Dino Characters by Arks

Mega Pixel Art and Food and little bit of kitchenware by VectorPixelStar

Modified Base Tiles by Sharm


"Getting it Done" and "Industrious Ferret" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License