Wild Wolf Life 3D

Wild Wolf 3D Animal Fights is an adventure game that will stun and amaze you with various interesting quests, missions, fights and 3D graphics that looks amazing on Android smartphones and tablets. The Wild Wolf needs guidance in his hunting and fighting with other animals.
*Free ADVENTURE game in its finest form*
This is an excellent choice for the ones that are searching for online adventure games. We created some stunning surroundings, characters, 3D adventure games graphics and controls that will make the game even more enjoyable. All you need to show interest for helping the wild wolf and you’ll be all set for excitement!
*Hunting and BATTLES*
It wouldn’t be one of the best hunting games if we didn’t include various animals besides the wolf. So, because Wild Wolf 3D Animal Fights is one type of animal battle games, expect to find lots of deer hunter and gazelle hunting. You’ll need to help the wolf survive! The hardest animal fighting quest you’ll need to face is fighting the powerful BOSS.
*Guide and customize the WOLF*
There are a lot of missions awaiting you and you need to guide the wolf in surviving, hunting and fighting in the wild. As expected in any wolf games, you need to learn the behavior and skills of your wolf. You’ll be able to change the color and to upgrade him to make him more powerful.
**Wild Wolf 3D Animal Fights FEATURES**
• MESMERIZING 3D graphics
• STUNNING graphics
• Real day and night cycle
• Complete exciting quests
• Animal Fights and deer hunting games gameplay
• Color your wolf with your favorite color
• Level up your wolf by performing different activities & quests.
*Explore, guide and ENJOY*