Wolfgang | Xbox One

Xbox One

Viborg Game Jam winter 2020 contribution by The Woofers.

"How did I get here?"

Film Noir inspired puzzle platformer set in 1920's New York city, featuring the abominable Wolfgang the Werewolf on a rampage against the notorious Woofer mob. Oblivious to his own condition, Wolfgang, a gangster-turned-vigilante-werewolf has slaughtered the Woofer kingpin Don Tony in cold blood. Now the innocent amnesiac monster hero Wolfgang must survive his way home to his loving wife through the moonlit night as the occult Woofer gangsters are on the hunt for vengeance.


Esben Nyboe

Dennis Klyver

Monica Antonie K. Meineche

Mayenne Sophie Plastow-smed

Markus Dahl

Jonas Scott Di Hu

Antonius Lovmand Marcussen

Aske Hare Kaagaard