Woopy Jump
Xbox One

Prepare for an exciting adventure in the hardest platformer game! 
Once you start your journey there is no way back!
Any mistake will result in instant death! So don't be too hurried to jump from one platform to another.
As you progress through the levels, the levels will become increasingly difficult, there are currently 50 levels but no one has reached the last level, do you think you will ever reach level 50? If yes try it right now!

~~How to play~~
*Tap once to jump
*Try to avoid the moving traps, if you get hit by a trap you will fail the level. But even if you fail yo can use one live to spawn in the last place safe from traps.
*Each level will consume you of your available energy but after a certain period of time spent in the game your energy will regenerate and you will be able to continue your adventure.
*If you finish level with 3 stars you can receive a chest or a key,  if you open a chest you can get gold coins, lives or some energy. So try your best!
*Your character can be customized.