World Of Conquerors - Origins
Xbox One

World of Conquerors - Origins is the second release from Darkness Development, carrying on from the original game, Origins offers more in-depth game-play, enhanced visuals and quality of life Improvements.

Construct cities, manage resources, train soldiers and fight for supremacy in a vast world with other player controlled empires.

World of conquers has three play-able races, each race has it's own unique building style and set of units.
* Humans
Great mineral collectors, balanced armies, strong cavalry units
* Elves
Seekers of knowledge, highly defensive cities and superior archery units
* Orcs
Aggressive raiders, brilliant at constructing massive armies, superior Infantry units

City Construction
Each race has it's own unique building styles, construct your cities in a style to help your empire reign supreme over all of your enemies.
Up to 10 cities can be built per player on each world, unlocking technologies will Improve your cities production rates and defend-ability.

Battles are fought in the traditional real-time strategy format with individual unit control, unit micro-management and an in-depth countering system.
Players are able to attack AI controlled lands in order to train generals, win rewards and plunder resources, player owned cities can also be plundered if you are able to beat their defense.

Form or join an alliance of empires and assist one another in conquering the game world, alliance members are able to easily communicate with one another and send each other resources. If an alliance member is under attack there are also options for ways in-which to assist your alliance member.
Large player controlled, or famous cities may require multiple attacks to conquer, making alliance coordination extremely important.

  • Persistent game-play (game still runs while not opened)
  • 36 different playable units, including Infantry, archers and cavalry units
  • Many different enemy units including Dark elves, Outlawed men, Trolls, Giants, Spiders and Dire Wolves just to name a few
  • Over 150 technology that can be studied in any order that your play style can take advantage of
  • Alliance system (communicate and work together with other players from all over the world)
  • Generals that you can apply special abilities to and level up and they gain battle experience
  • Global market for trading resources with other players
  • Mail system to communicate with other players
  • Chat system to communicate with other players on your world, or in your alliance
  • Tactical soldier countering system where each unit type has a weakness that can be exploited
  • In-depth ranking/stats system to compare your progress against other players
  • 20 famous cities (4 state capitals and 16 regional capitals) that can be captured by players, offering powers that can be used over nearby cities
  • Quest system for great rewards including rare items and game coins

In-Game Store
Every attempt will be made to keep the game as 'non-pay-to-win' as possible, while keeping the game supportable, this is done in the following ways
  • Three packs offer game coins and items useful for different aspects of the game, these packs are inexpensive and can only be purchased once by each player
  • All items available in the game store can also be won during battles and by completing quest
  • A special VIP membership can be purchased at a low cost lasting 1 month, this membership unlocks features that were otherwise limited and increases the chance of drop rates during battles
  • The games currency 'game coins' is paid by completing quest (including a daily amount by passing daily quest) and is also able to be plundered while attacking certain areas
World of conquerors - Origins will always be free to play, and people will be able to enjoy themselves and be competitive without making any in game transactions