Wrecking Towers
Xbox One

Wrecking Towers: This town ain't big enough for both of buildings, so it's up to the the 4 workers of appocalipse to destroy one of them. Every match is a test of speed and skill to prove who's worth of became the champion of this city.

Wrecking Towers is a 2D brawl party game featuring local multiplayer up to 4 players. All you need to do is use your enemy body as a wrecking ball to destroy your enemies building.

  • Punching, Kicking, Butt attack your enemies
  • Hit them with the falling objects falling from the debris
  • Hit the paint cans to stun your enemy or simply colorfy your battle
  • SledgeHammer
  • 1v1 Battle
  • 2v2 Battle
  • Blue vs Red, no others colors involved...