Xbox One

A rogue-lite, action platformer, tower defense, with a little rpg all in one.
As an action platformer, you can double jump, dash, and even climb a wall up and down while using a one-handed weapon.
But all of those must be unlocked via Distro Machine using the unit component.

As a rogue-lite, every level is random procedural generated.
That means every game session is different.
It also features permadeath, so everything that you work really hard for will be gone when you die.

Well, with exceptions..

And that brings it to rpg element which can be turned off if you so desire.
The very rare Xolyriums can be collected and can be spent on upgrading your reconnoiter.

And finally, the tower defense.
This one may be a little too hard at first, but with patience, skill, and strategic preparations using gun turrets, missile launcher, or a tesla tower you can do it!

Be warned, that this game requires some patience and skill.
The AI modifications can be a little intimidating at first but once you get the hang of it, you will feel like a boss.

Are you ready to annihilate all abominations of XO-Planets to find a new home for mankind?


  • Procedural Random Level Generation, No gameplays will ever be the same
  • Randomly generated weapons. Now 9 different weapon types (sword, axe, whip, gun, shotgun, sniper, and 3 different launchers)
  • 3 different weapon enhancements (vampiric, fire, and ice)
  • Modify your weapon with mod drops
  • Find all the Legendary weapons
  • Over 25 Enhancement Mods for the AI unit. (including Jet-pack, Teleport, and Juggernaut)
  • Permanent Enhancements to unlock using Xolyriums
  • A Distro Machine where you can buy enhancements for your AI
  • 5 Bosses to outsmart and eliminate
  • 5 mini bosses (bounty) to kill
  • 25 enemy creatures with different behaviors and immunity to annihilate

  • Gamepad fully supported
  • Play with a friend on local coop
  • Unlock the Jukebox and listen to the cool Soundtrack.

  • Search and Destroy
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Bomber Man
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Tower Defense
  • Ruins of War

  • Unlock and learn the stories behind every G-Raiders crew
  • Unlock Intels on every invaders
  • Six playable AI Reconnoiters with different playstyle (6 must be unlocked)


  • Hard Save. Save & Exit during mission
  • Resolution. Make it pretty
  • Squashing bugs
  • Polishing all Dialogs
  • Add More mission
  • Change Permanent Upgrade to streamlined. Like Nuclear Throne.


Ritchie's Sea 5 - Joe Reynolds/Professorlamp

Level Tracks by Trevor Lentz