YogKart | Xbox One

Xbox One

Submitted to the 2019 Jingle Jam Game Jam.


  • Frantic four player racing,  with you racing as Lewis of the Yogscast.
  • Generation 5(N64) style graphics.
  • Boost and Rocket powerups.
  • A unique item system where you gain wrapped presents at random.
  • Presents can be opened to gain items, or re-gifted to other players, which knocks their current item out of their hands.
  • Options and How to Play menus.


  • W and S keys to drive forward or backwards.
  • A and D keys to steer left and right.
  • Left Click Mouse to use item or unwrap present.
  • Right Click Mouse to throw gifts to other players.

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Post Mortem:

I ran out of time to add a driver select, so you're stuck playing as Lewis. Sorry.

I streamed the creation of this game on Twitch at twitch.tv/astuteone. The first day's VOD didn't save, so I only have the second and third days.

Have fun!