You Only Get One Upgrade | Xbox One

You Only Get One Upgrade
Xbox One

***Updated the game to fix the "no-default-inputs" -bug. Hopefully the next two *-marked comments are obsolete now!***

*Important Note: Choose your inputs before starting the game! You choose them after you select 'New Game' in the Main Menu.*

*If you start the game without choosing your own inputs, you won't be able to control the character! ESC returns to Main Menu. I accidentally overrode the default controls, which are: Arrow keys to move and jump, Z to dash.*

Move in the menu with Arrow Keys, select with Enter or Z. Esc returns to Main Menu. Forgot to put instructions in-game.

Made in two weeks for Construct 3 Builder Jam #1:

A 2D platformer where you only get one upgrade (out of three). It's a precision platformer, but you do have to use your head in a few spots.

Game Engine: Construct 3

Music Software: Reaper

I drew the graphics in-engine.

Online version may lag, I recommend the downloadable versions.

I hope the Mac and Linux versions work - can't test them myself.