Zombified (Lapatron) | Xbox One

Zombified (Lapatron)
Xbox One

So, I made a game.

It's nothing special and far from complete but I'd love to know what people think. 

In short, it is an arcade-style, zombie, shooter, survival game; where you go around shooting endless numbers of zombies, collecting health and ammo and trying to see how many kills you can get before you get overwhelmed.

In the future, I plan to add: different weapons, a bigger map and hopefully different game modes. The original aim was to create an open-world, zombie survival so we shall see if that's what happens.

Feel free to play it and I'd love some feedback on what was good/bad and if you had any problems.

The controls are reasonably easy to pick up if you've played a few PC shooters before but I do recommend checking the 'Input' tab in the start-up window.

Thank you and best of luck.