Storm Boy The Game: Xbox Review

It’s difficult calling this a game but not in any way bad, it was a very fun experience, and that’s exactly what this is an experience. Based entirely on the 1964 children’s book of the same name. The book has been bought to life with beautiful visuals and a soft yet meaningful sound. Situated on the coast of South Australia, You will take control of a small white T glad young man known only as Storm Boy, he has moved there to live with his father known as “Hide-Away Tom”  to escape hustle and bustle of everyday life in Adelaide. Apart from Aboriginal Australian called Fingerbone Bill, there is no other “Human” on their island.

The entire game will take you around Fifteen minutes to play and 100% but if that’s the only thing you are looking for in games nowadays you will be incredibly disappointed with this particular title.  Most of the game will take place on the beaches of the island apart from two particular parts that will have you out at sea. The Story is a meaningful tale that will have you smiling in parts and worried in others.

Running from left to right of the screen in a 2D fashion you will be shown the writing above which you can read and learn the story of Storm Boy. You can only go one way but the environments shown are so well done that it looks as if you can explore the entire island. The simple controls bleed over into the minigames that do feel a little shoehorned. From feeding your pelican buddies, drawing in the sand and paddling a homemade raft on the seas. These are completely optional but do add some entertainment.

This is essentially a game version of a children’s book aimed towards Primary school kids. Simply put with basic gameplay and basic mini-games. Even the narration on screen is all very simplified and easy. So we got a Kid to play it. He loved it, He loved reading the story and loved the mini-games and he loved how it looked like a book but got to play little bits as well. Where it took us just around the 15 minutes mark to complete, He was sat playing for a good hour going back to the mini-games and re-reading the story. It may be a very short game but with a price of £4.99, we had fun and so did our reviewer’s son.

This is the perfect game to play with your kids it’s got a great lesson within its story and you and your child can have a little bit of fun together at the same time.


Storm Boy can be purchased and downloaded from the Microsoft, priced at £4.99


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  • 7/10
    - 7/10


A fun game to play if you have children or appreciate a good adaptation of a book.