UFC 3 Revealed

EA Sports have revealed their latest installment to come to the UFC video game franchise. The UFC has been propelled into the mainstream over the last few years and the video games have followed suit. One of the main components of this shift into the mainstream is the rise of everyone’s favourite Irishman, Connor McGregor and as is fit, he is set to adorn the cover of UFC 3.

This installment is now powered by Real Player Motion (RPM) Tech. This technology allows for far more realistic animations meaning that the motion of the fighters is the most fluid and responsive yet. Over 5,000 new animations have been captured and then reworked meaning that you will be able to move, strike and submit your opponents using incredibly combinations that flow as if you, like the athletes you are playing as, have been training for years.

A new G.O.A.T career mode has been added. This time around your choices outside of the octagon matter just as much as your style in it. You can create rivalries, hype and promote fights the way that you want to meaning that this could really be your very own career.

There will of course also be a multiplayer mode that will allow you to duke it out against others around the world to determine who really is the greatest of all time.

UFC 3 is set to be released on February 2nd and looks to be the best installment yet in the franchise.

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Source: thexboxhub.com